A Series Of Unfortunate Events Season Two Ranking

Look away! Look away! It’s part two of A Series of Unfortunate Events rankings

10) The Vile Village Part Two: Violet, Klaus and Sunny are jailed for a murder that they claim they didn’t commit, sentenced to life imprisonment, are extremely knowledgable compared to the rest of the characters, have a strange fascination with libraries and someone else narrating their story. Yes, it’s ‘The Baudelaire Redemption’. Get busy living or get busy flying.
Synopsis: Venally Fierce Decree

9) The Austere Academy Part Two: There aren’t too many unfortunate events in this particular episode; Lemony Snicket understands that going to school is traumatic enough. The Baudelaires settle down into a shack and befriend the Quagmires then make them to all the dirty work for them. It figures that all their old friends jump at the chance to break away from them. Memento mori, everyone.
Synopsis: Vicariously Filled Duration

8) The Austere Academy Part One: I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want: More Quagmire screen time and a reasonable explanation to what happened to that sports team. Are they alive? Are they not? Are they newly recruited volunteers in the Hinterlands? I don’t want to make a mountain out of a mole hill, but leaving this much to the imagination is a cakesniffing move. Aside from the mysteries of the sporting world, the Baudelaires finally make some enemies their own age and try to survive the school year.
Synopsis: Vaguely Finer Dialogue

7) The Ersatz Elevator Part Two:
I’m partial to a little poetry myself, Isadora.

Violet and Klaus, climbed up the house
To fetch the lost Quagmires
And with a draft, fell down the shaft
And learned about mysterious fires

Up they got, and with some thought
Began to reexamine
Their auction plan, Sunny’s backgammon hand
Over parsley soda and salmon

Synopsis: Vainly Formed Deals

6) The Vile Village Part One: It may take a village to raise a child, but it only takes a troupe of failed actors to kidnap and enslave one. Work smarter, not harder. I, myself, am a fowl devotee so I appreciated the appearances of the crows, however I feel the need to deduct points because of Lemony saying that television is not a important cultural art form, as I have to stay true to my literary and philosophical principles. If Gustav was here with us, he’d be very disappointed. Shame on you, Lemony, shame on you.
Synopsis: Vexingly Fulfilled Duties

5) The Ersatz Elevator Part One: We get a refreshing change in scenery in season two, episode three: a penthouse! And the children are finally dressed à la mode! The Baudelaires get an update on modern trends and we’re still in the dark about V.F.D. Out with the safety, in with the salmon.
Synopsis: Voguish Fish Dishes

4) The Hostile Hospital Part Two: Violet really has had the worst experiences with theatres. Unlicensed crainiectomies, child marriage, that time she was left watching a movie beside a murder. It’s almost understandable that she needs a good 7 minutes to think about how to get out of a window. Almost.
Synopsis: Vitally Fast Diagnosis

3) The Carnivorous Carnival Part One: This episode is nothing short of a miracle, Lemony. The flashbacks, the fashion, the very lavishness of the first few minutes remind me of The Great Gatsby, if Baz Luhrmann could direct, that is. And wolf babies and strange accents are always nice editions. It’s the only reason Storks got over 60% on Rotten Tomatoes.
Synopsis: Vauntingly Fun Demonstration

2) The Hostile Hospital Part One: Life on the lam leads the Baudelaires conveniently to the location of the most important V.F.D. artifact and to the man they supposedly murdered. Suffice to say, he’s not too pleased about their escape. It would be nice, just once, to see them go on a road trip without destroying the lives of everyone in passing. These kids burn bridges like branches.
Synopsis: Voluntarily Fugitive Doctors

1) The Carnivorous Carnival Part Two: The only clown I see here is you, Mr Poe. How you managed to star all throughout season one and two is just another of this show’s many mysteries. Also, speaking of unresolved plots, Sunny can swear in French? She is fluent in French before she can speak a word of English? That being said, the end is my favourite cliffhanger of the series 😉
Synopsis: Vulgarly French Display

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