A Series Of Unfortunate Events Season Two Ranking

Look away! Look away! It’s part two of A Series of Unfortunate Events rankings 10) The Vile Village Part Two: Violet, Klaus and Sunny are jailed for a murder that they claim they didn’t commit, sentenced to life imprisonment, are extremely knowledgable compared to the rest of the characters, have a strange fascination with librariesContinue reading “A Series Of Unfortunate Events Season Two Ranking”

A Series of Unfortunate Events: Season One Episodes Ranked

If you are interested in reviews with a optimistic outlook, I regret to inform you this is not one. Not only is the reviewer extremely sarcastic, but is bitter and cynical beyond belief. There is no positive ending, no positive beginning and very few positive comments in the middle. The Bad Beginning Part One: TheContinue reading “A Series of Unfortunate Events: Season One Episodes Ranked”

The ‘Saw’ Movies Ranked

“I want to play a game” Like them or not, you can’t deny the huge impact on horror the ‘Saw’ franchise has made. What was meant to be a short film with only one scene, became a franchise that has been going on for seventeen years ( Sixteen too long, quite frankly). But with a villianContinue reading “The ‘Saw’ Movies Ranked”